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Do It Yourself!

Want to save money and install the system yourself?  Do you think that you have the talent to pull wires, install speakers, follow electrical sketches, and solder connections?  Many churches have these talents with in the congregation and want to install the system themselves.  What a great way to form a tight multimedia team!  They not only save money but learn how the system was put together so that when the time comes that service is needed (and all man made systems will require service at some time) they know how it was designed to operate and how it was installed.  If you think you have these skills then you may want to consider a design / supply system from Our Master's Voice Audio with you being the general contractor.  OMV Audio can supply the design, discounted system components, and work with you supplying the installation labor.  We complete your system by supplying system checkout, professional system tuning services, and onsite system training.  Call us and discuss our partnering solutions to see if you qualify for this program.