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Wireless Equipment Users   Please take Note!

The FCC is making plans to auction off certain portions of the 600 MHz to 698 MHz band in 2016.  This will have the same financial impacts to wireless users in this band as what happened when they auctioned off the 698 MHz to 800 MHz when analog Television converted to Digital TV.  Any devices operating in this band will be forced to cease operations or face the penalty of a severe fine.  This includes wireless microphones and wireless in ear systems.  Our Master's Voice Audio's advice to customers considering the purchase of new wireless equipment is to avoid purchasing equipment operating in the 600 MHz to 698 MHz band.  There will be great deals being offered as suppliers try to unload their equipment operating in this band.  It is advised to stay in the 500 MHz to 600 MHz band.  There is equipment that operates in the WIFI band but this equipments tend to have less range and can get interference from other digital equipment such as computers and cell phones.  Sometimes the best choice is to purchase more expensive systems.  These systems can utilize more units in a smaller radio frequency band width foot print as they have higher quality receivers to make operating more units in a smaller frequency range possible.

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