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Room Acoustics / Acoustical Analysis

Room acoustical design is frequently overlooked until the last piece of dry wall has been hung.  Panic immediately sets in as it is now obvious that the room sounds like a gymnasium and not the perfect Sanctuary environment that was expected.  Computer modeling of the room can predict well in advance of construction what the room will "sound" like so that treatments or changes in the design of construction materials can be made to minimize overall treatment costs.  If the room is already constructed Our Master's Voice Audio LLC can utilize electronic analyzers and computer modeling programs to "test" the room and make recommendations as to how to correct the problem. 
          There is a science and an art to acoustical analysis and treatment.  The science (physics) calculates the amount of absorption required to achieve a specified RT60 time constant based upon the rooms' existing time constant and the volume of the room in cubic feet . Remembering that RT60 is the time it takes an impulse sound to decay down in the room by 60 decibels.   In laymens terms that is just about as loud as one could tolerate untill you can no longer hear the sound!  The art to acoustical treatment is knowing where to install the required treatments to obtain the best performance from the treatments.  Professional experience dictates what room time constant is recommended based upon the typical use of the room.  A reverberant room is great for a solo piano concert but not useful at all for a contemporary concert or an intimate pastoral sermon.  Our Master's Voice Audio LLC has years of experience in treating Houses of Worship. 
If you are having trouble understanding what is being said in a room, contact us today for more information on acoustical treatments!