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Equipment Sales

Our Master's Voice Audio is a direct dealer for many lines of professional audio, video, lighting, accoustical treatments and other products.  In order to keep our overhead costs low we do not stock large inventories of these products but rely our manufacturers warehouses to to stock them for us.  We can drop ship or direct ship most of these products right to our customers door avoiding double handling costs and inventory related overheads.  We share these savings with our customers at costs that usually are significantly below the "internet" advertised prices.  Our dealership contracts limit us as to what prices we can advertise so we don't advertise prices at all.  If you want to obtain significant savings over internet advertised prices give us a call!  Even if we don't carry a specific product we can sometimes still be able to locate it at a significant savings through our professional relationships.

For Great prices click on our "Line Card" link here or button above and check out our equipment then click on our "RFQ" button and send us your "request for quotation" note on the form.  We'll get right back with you as soon as possible.  If it is an emergency try giving us a call.   We do accept most credit cards, electronic fund transfers, and certified bank checks.